Jordan, Magic Going One-on-One: The Battle that Would Have Settled it All

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Will Jordan Dominate Magic?

The greatest game not played has only kept basketball enthusiasts wondering about the what ifs. (Photo :

Legendary Laker point guard Magic Johnson is not someone who shies away from any challenge. So when upcoming star Michael Jordan enters the league in the late 80s, Pat Riley’s Showtime orchestrator knows that he needs to more than step up in every game. For the basketball world, seeing their duel on the court is a must if only to settle who actually the best is.

Around this time, the 30-year old Magic Johnson is already lording it over the rest of the NBA. He is the league’s MVP and he has five championship rings to validate his claim as the most elite player across the globe. Still, he just can’t ride into the sunset with Michael Jordan showcasing his wares right in front of him.

In January 1990, Johnson recalls coming up with a plan to get a head-to-head matchup with his emerging nemesis. Only this time, the encounter will be one-on-one. With the projected piece being shared by the Los Angeles Times, basketball fans are on a frenzy. While the contest will be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of entertainment, the game for both will be more than that.

If the personal tussle actually happened, Las Vegas will likely have its lights shine the brightest during that stretch. The encounter at Caesars Palace has bannered the King of the Court headline. The winner gets one million dollars.

The game is set for the weekend. Jordan and Johnson will showcase their skills in a couple of 15-minute halves. TV networks will have their own personal wars on which one will feature the matchup live.

In spite all the publicity stunt, the battle has never materialized. Still, Chicago general manager-turned-NBA’s executive vice president for basketball operations Rod Thorn thinks that Michael Jordan will win. There is an extra motivation for both as the Chicago Bull holds a 2.5 to 1 edge over Magic Johnson in the betting odds.

During that season, Jordan has been relentless with his 33.6 points per game average. He is the NBA’s dominant scorer. And that is all what is needed to overcome Johnson whose prowess involves the entire squad with his league-leading assists. Since it’s one-on-one, Jordan’s all-around brilliance to pile the points may be the deciding factor.

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