It’s true what they say: National Signing Day really does get stranger every year. The only proof needed for 2018 came early when four-star American Heritage (Fla.) defensive tackle Nesta Silvera signed with the Miami Hurricanes … with the help of a Chucky doll.

In announcing that he was sticking with a longtime pledge, Silvera held a Chucky doll from the Child’s Play movies close to his chest, then donned a Miami hat that included a turnover chain behind the school’s classic “U” logo. And yes, he threw up the “U” as well.

All of that was fun, but Silvera truly took the cake when he spoke with ESPN moments after his signing, justifying his decision to stick with Miami because of his loyalty to “the crib.”

“What it was about Miami, is just Miami is home, it’s the crib,” Silvera told ESPN. “What I can do here, I can go to Tuscaloosa, I can go to Gainesville, I can go to Tallahassee and make those schools great, but why not make the crib great?”

Why not make the crib great, indeed. Perhaps his sense of interior decorating may not vibe with some of his future college classmates if he plans on lugging Chucky around everywhere as he did on National Signing Day.

In fact, perhaps inspired by Silvera’s star turn with the doll, high school teammate Andrew Chatfield borrowed Chucky to announce his commitment to Florida.

While the Chucky doll has a reputation as a bit of a Florida Gators tradition, Silvera told South Florida Sun-Sentinel reporter David Furones that he hopes to make it a Miami tradition as well. Go figure.

Someday, his mother and father may not be quite so thrilled with the prop that made an appearance in this family photo:

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