Calipari couldn’t talk himself out of this question.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky held its media day on Thursday, and head coach John Calipari — who has been known to get into it with reporters from time to time — attempted to deflect a question he didn’t want to answer. That didn’t go over well with the reporter who asked it.

Calipari was asked about the FBI’s investigation regarding widespread corruption in college basketball, specifically about how Nike — a Kentucky sponsor — is being investigated. The head coach immediately declined to answer it, cutting Jerry Tipton of off before he could finish his question.

But Tipton would not be denied the right to speak, and he put Calipari in his place after initially being shot down.

“Wait a minute, this is a media day, not coach day,” Tipton boldly stated. “I am entitled to ask a question.”

The look on Calipari’s face was priceless after Tipton fired back at him. He did, however, go on to address the question, but answered it in a roundabout way.

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